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Celebrate Freedom Foundation

1200 Rosewood Drive

Columbia, South Carolina

June 18, 2016

150th Anniversary of the Buffalo Soldiers
Lest We Forget

9th & 10th (Horse) Cavalry Association Chapters from Alabama, Atlanta,
Baltimore, Bowie, Maryland, Denver, North Carolina, South Carolina, San Diego
and Washington, DC were hosted by the Celebrate Freedom Foundation. National
Officers present included National President Trooper Willie Edley
and National Secretary Trooper Nina Amos.

(photos courtesy of Trooper Linda Crawford and Wendy Standard)

Click on link to review short video of the Buffalo Soldiers Pass and Review
(Pass and Review Narration by 9th & 10th (Horse) Cavalry Association National Secretary Trooper Nina Amos)

(left photo) Trooper Willie Edley, 9th & 10th (Horse) Cavalry Association
National President and Ms. Oveta Glover, Funds Inc.

(left photo) lead Trooper, Trooper Derrick Davis, Atlanta Chapter and Past National President

(right photo) wearing white sleeves, Dr. Warren S. Burke, Equine Veterinarian & Dentist, Eutaw, Alabama

Raised hand, Troop Captain Standard, Trooper Theard DC Chapter, 2nd pair Trooper Scott Baltimore Chapter
Trooper Hill, DC Chapter, 3rd pair Trooper Jackson, North Carolina Chapter, Trooper Crawford, DC Chapter

(right photo) Trooper Mike Theard, President DC Chapter, Trooper Scott, Baltimore Chapter
and Trooper Lynn Hill, Past President, DC Chapter

(dismounted) Trooper Leanna Rogers, Secretary of the North Carolina Chapter

(left photo) Trooper Rachel Hilliard, President, San Diego Chapter
(right photo) Trooper Rogers, North Carolina Chapter with Ms Kathi Free, Executive Assistant, Celebrate Freedom Foundation

Trooper Rose Pinder, Baltimore Chapter

(right photo) Troopers Jean and Ron Faulcon, Baltimore Chapter


(left photo) Trooper Crawford, DC Chapter sitting between two Buffalo Soldiers, both
World War II veterans of the 10th Cavalry. Troopers Harold Cole and Henri LeGendre.

Troopers Willie Edley and Leanna Rogers briefing Troopers

(left photo) Trooper Linda Crawford, DC Chapter and photographer
and Trooper Leanna Rogers, North Carolina Chapter Secretary

(left photo) Trooper David Smith, DC Chapter, Buffalo Soldier combat veteran
of the 24th Infantry Regiment in Korea with Trooper Linda Crawford, DC Chapter

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