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The Remarkable Career of a Buffalo Soldier

Trooper Carey McLane

10th Regiment of Cavalry

U.S. Army 1901 to 1928

Trooper Carey McLane, a native of Washington, D.C. is the grandfather of Trooper George Brooks of our Chapter.

Trooper Carey McLane was born in Washington, D.C. in 1879. He enlisted in the Army at the Washington, D.C. Barracks on January 8, 1901 and was assigned to Troop A 10th Regiment of Cavalry. The army described Private McLane as 5 feet 7 1/2 inches with light brown complexion, brown eyes and black hair. Private Carey McLane, assigned to Fort Robinson, Nebraska, re-enlisted on January 7, 1904. On January 24, 1907 Private McClane re-enlisted, his character was listed as "good". His Military Record reflects that he served contininously for 5 years, 11 months and 13 days and had served with Troop A the previous 3 years. His Military Record also reflected that he had participated in hostile action against Ute Indians from October 29 to November 15, 1906. Upon re-enlistment Private Carey was assigned to Troop L, 10th Regiment of Cavalry. Trooper Carey's service was described by his Troop captain as "Honest and Faithful." On February 10, 1910, Trooper McClane re-enlisted in the Army. On April 22, 1912, while assigned to Troop L, 10th Regiment of Cavalry, Corporal Carey McLane graduated from the Non-Commissioned Officers School at Fort Ethan Allen, Vermont. In 1912, while assigned to Fort Ethan Allen, Vermont, Corporal McLane was promoted to Sergeant, assigned to Troop L, 10th Regiment of Cavalry. The Returns from Regular Army Cavalry Regiments, 1866-1916, dated February, 1913, reflect that
Trooper Carey McLane was the First Sergeant of Troop L, 10th Regiment of Cavalry, Fort Ethan Allen, Vermont.

From Fort Ethan Allen First Sergeant McLane was part of the 10th Regiment of Cavalry contingent that accompanied General John J. Pershing in the Punitive Expedition to Mexico.

On February 9, 1917, First Sergeant Carey McLane was Honorably Discharged from the 10th Regiment of Cavalry and received a Direct Appointment to the temporary rank of First Lieutenant and assigned to the all black 365th Infantry Regiment for service in France during World War I. Upon his return from France in 1919 1LT McLane was returned to the 10th Cavalry with the rank of Sergeant.

War Department Orders for the Military District of Washington, dated May 16, 1923 authorized Sergeant Carey McLane to command a Detachment of six Troopers to act as attendants for mounts for the War Department Polo Team at the Philadelphia and Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania Polo Tournaments, May 19 to June 15, 1923. The Orders were signed by the Military District of Washington Chief of Staff, Colonel Conrad S. Babcock. On May 27, 1925 Trooper McLane was once again promoted to the rank of First Sergeant.

On May 27, 1928, Trooper McLane retired from the U.S. Army.

1906 Philippine peso brought back by Trooper McLane

Map carried by 1LT McLane in France with the 365th Infantry Regiment

1901 Trooper McLane's Initial Enlistment

1904 first re-enlistment

1907 Discharge to Re-enlist

1907 Re-enlistment

1912 NCO Academy

1912 Trooper McLane Promotion to Sergeant

Returns from Regular Army Cavalry Regiments

1917 Discharge from the 10th Regiment of Cavalry

Trooper Mclane service in Punitive Expedition to Mexico

1917 Discharge for service with the 365th Infantry Regiment

1923 War Department Orders

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